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Only 150 will be a part of this printing and is only available from the publisher: PTW Publishing Co LLC

* As of 5-28-17, less than 37 copies remain

Price is $20 (+$3 s/h) which includes:
- Your copy signed and numbered.
- Personalized if you choose.
- A FREE EBOOK edition (available NOW).

Price is $9 (+$3 s/h) which includes:
- Your copy signed by the author.
- Personalized if you choose.

Bobcat Den - WVWC Campus, Benedum Center

Josh Spencer and Paul Smith on their C92-FM (92.1) radio show "Fire in the Booth," interviewed Peter Galarneau Jr. about "Dr. One" and the writer's experience in March. Spence and Paul, DJ's from the United Kingdom, had many interesting question requests from the UK. Here is their March 3 interview in three parts.

In the spring of 2041, a technophobic teenager, on his eighteenth birthday, is forced from the comfort of his West Virginia Greenbrier Valley home when he must travel to New Pitt to help a brilliant computer scientist uncover the reason for her uncle’s mysterious death.

The novel “Dr. One” (written in 2016) takes place in a world that is 25 years away.

In 2041, some of the more common terms used to refer to historical contexts, place names and digital devices are listed here.

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